Uses of security barriers

Car park barriers

There are people who own cars and the proper care of these cars is an issue to many of them . It is very common to find a strange car parked right in front of your office or in your parking space without your permission. You can use manual car park barriers system to avoid such inconvenience.

Types of manual car park barriers

There are a variety of manual car park barriers that can be of great help to you. The following are some of the manual barriers;

manual raise car park barrierManual swing arm barriers: This manual barrier is made of steel, the access of unauthorized cars are prevented by its long and sturdy arm. It comes with 2 locking posts and it can be locked on either closed or open positions. This barrier is ideal for industrial and manufacturing sites.

Manual height restrictor: manual height restrictor is manufactured from steel and aluminum, it’s best suitable for areas where height is used as a restriction measure, and such places can be underground parking and staff parking zones. This manual barrier is easy to use and you can employ it to your office building to restrict cars from getting to unauthorized parking zone

Manual rising arm barrier: This barrier can be manually used to control cars from accessing controlled areas. With a variety of pole length and a pair of barriers, you can be totally assured that your parking lot is controlled and no unauthorized car can be parked there. You have the option to lock it on either lowered or raised position.

Preventing unauthorised access

The benefits of using these barriers is that there is a total restriction of unauthorized cars, because these are types of manual car park barriers system and they don’t dispense cards that one can use to get access to the parking lot. The parking lot is safe and free from intruders when not in use for example during the night. One can pick any of this manual car park barriers system which are commendable for the kind of work they do. Their durability is amazing